Rubberlite provides a unique portfolio of flexible material solutions for a wide array of markets and applications.

Rubberlite, Inc. is the recognized leader of converted cellular rubber and plastic products as well as manufacturer of custom-engineered polyurethane foams and flexible composite systems. We use our technologies and development expertise to provide a portfolio of material solutions across three strategically aligned areas of our business: Industrial Rubber and Plastics, Engineered Foams, and Technical Composites.

Industrial Rubber and Plastic Solutions

Industrial Rubber and Plastic products provided by Rubberlite are an efficient and cost-effective solution for gasketing, sealing, cushioning, insulating and gap filling applications – to name a few. As an authorized distributor for the top manufacturers of cellular rubber and plastic foams, we utilize our best in class converting technologies to manufacture continuous roll and sheet goods for a number of markets and applications requiring specification-driven, precision parts. Quality products, exceptional service, and quick delivery of a diverse product line are the foundation of our business.

Engineered Foam Solutions

Rubberlite is an innovator in polyurethane foam manufacturing, offering a robust line of custom engineered foams for high performance applications. Our HyPUR-cel® and Visco-cel® polyurethane foam products are flexible, low profile material solutions that meet the needs of a wide array of markets and end-uses including footwear, recreational, apparel, medical, automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications. Whether you need materials for high mechanical performance, cushioning or comfort, Rubberlite develops unique, open-cell specialty foams that are durable and reliably consistent.

Technical Composite Solutions

At Rubberlite, we integrate our technologies and expertise to design technical composite solutions that couple the best materials with innovative functionality. Technical composites combine all the benefits of a variety of function-specific materials into one multi-layer system making their application versatile and cost effective. Through the use of our state-of-the-art laminating and foam finishing technologies, a virtually endless combination of flexible material composites exist for providing design flexibility, product differentiation, and repeatable and reliable performance.

Core Values

For over 30 years we have grown our company by continuously improving the way we work, the way we create, the way we think.

J. Allen Mayo founded our company in 1986 on an overarching goal defined in the Rubberlite Aim: “To aggressively grow our Company by meeting or exceeding customer requirements, developing innovative products and processes, while continually improving the levels of safety, quality, service, training, personal development and profit.”

At Rubberlite, our philosophy and values are fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit that strives to grow our business through maximizing customer satisfaction and developing innovative technologies and materials. We challenge ourselves to seek out and deliver flexible material solutions that meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace and help our customers create differentiated products – all with the highest level of quality and performance across our entire portfolio of products and services.

With a keen focus on continuous improvement in all facets of our organization, we aim to invest back into the company in areas of strategic importance that deliver real value to our customers and partners. This commitment also extends to our employees, the environment, and the communities we live. Through research and development, collaboration, and investment in technology, we aspire to make a positive impact in ways that benefit people.


ISO Certified

Rubberlite, Inc. received ISO 9001 certification effective December 23, 2002. This certification applies to the Design and Manufacture of Converted Cellular Rubber and Plastic Products. Processes include:

  • Skiving to Thickness
  • Slitting to Width
  • Foam Manufacturing
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Lamination
  • Film Lamination and Fabric Lamination
  • Quality Resource

Building value, integrity and durability into each Rubberlite product and process is the goal for our Quality Resource department. Please feel free to utilize this department regarding:

  • Technical information
  • Specification information
  • UL related issues
  • ISO 9001
  • Continuous Improvement
  • A2LA Accredited Lab testing
  • Returned materials

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A2LA Accredited Lab

Certificate #1434-01: To supplement our already broad range of services available to you, we're pleased to announce the accreditation of our physical properties testing laboratory by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation. Effective December 29, 1999, accredited testing covered by the mechanical field as defined by A2LA Accredited is available. Designed to support a higher level of service to you, please refer to our Scope of Accreditation listing for specific tests offered by Rubberlite.

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Originally designed to operate as a custom converter and one-stop-shop for cellular rubber and plastics, Rubberlite was founded in 1986 by Allen Mayo.

By bridging the gap between manufacturers and fabricators of closed cell sponge rubber and plastic products, Rubberlite’s product line has grown to include many innovative products and processes such as functional polymer coatings and foam, fabric and film laminations. Additionally, Rubberlite began producing HyPUR-cel®, a custom engineered polyurethane foam, in 1997. In 2004 the company complimented the already strong HyPUR-cel® family of foams with Visco-cel®, high-quality polyurethane foam designed to exceed our customer’s expectations and performance standards.

New applications, unique formulations and custom conversions, Rubberlite has a long history of producing excellence.

Products converted by Rubberlite include Neoprene, Neoprene Blends, EPDM, Nitrile, ECH, Ensolite® PVC/Nitrile, Cross-linked Polyethylene, EVA, Open Cell Sponge, High Density Polyurethane and Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.

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Occupying 300,000 square feet of manufacturing, converting and warehouse space, Rubberlite completed its most recent expansion in May of 2012. As your needs grow, so does our commitment.


Rubberlite, Inc. is a recognized leader in the manufacture of custom engineered polyurethane foam and is one of North America´s largest converters of cellular rubber and plastic products.

We use our technology and development expertise to create chemical and material solutions to meet and exceed our customers´ exacting requirements. Rubberlite maintains QS9001 accreditation and an accredited A2LA testing lab on site. Our products serve a diverse range of applications within a broad range of markets that include the footwear, medical, industrial, orthopedic, automotive, electronics and aerospace industries.

Rubberlite, a privately owned company founded in 1986, has a history of dynamic growth.
Rubberlite´s Deming based philosophy and culture seeks individuals that strive for leadership roles in strengthening its position as a market leader.

Online Application

At Rubberlite, we are always accepting applications. Please feel free to use our online application.

If you are interested in employment at Rubberlite, Inc., you must apply online. You must have a high school diploma or GED to be considered. All applications will be carefully considered and if you meet our initial criteria, you will be called for testing. Rubberlite, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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