From sealing out water, air and debris to cushioning critical components under stress, Rubberlite provides fabricators and OEMs a complete line of precision engineered material solutions for a variety of industries. Our engineered component materials serve a variety of functions and end uses – each with their own unique physical properties, thicknesses and available composite constructions.  

With an expansive line of open and closed cell foams, adhesives, and coatings, Rubberlite offers industrial-grade material solutions utilized in a variety of industries including HVAC, flexographic printing, appliances, electronics and enclosures to name a few. 


For fabricators in the automotive, aerospace, and mass transit markets, Rubberlite boasts a broad range of materials and technical expertise to deliver solutions for protecting sensitive components, managing unwanted energy and providing a quieter, more comfortable ride. Our application experience and advanced technologies allows Rubberlite to create unique material combinations that conform to the function, regulatory requirements, and environmental conditions typically specified in the transit industry.

Rubberlite’s portfolio of expanded rubber and plastic products, as well as our HyPUR-cel family of polyurethane foams, are effective options for gasketing, sealing and gap filling applications, controlling sources of vibration, friction, and noise, or complying with flame, smoke and toxic gas requirements. Adhesive backings, textile laminations, and functional coatings also afford enhanced performance in a ready to use format.    

Applications: Visors, speaker gaskets, dust seals, bin liners, arm rests, mirror gaskets, spacer pads, headliner components, seat covers, and vibration/impact pads for electronics


Protective packaging and cushioning materials are essential for the safe storage and transport of sensitive components, devices and equipment. Electronic devices, tooling, communications equipment, tactical gear and munitions alike all require ideally suited flexible materials for custom inserts and protective cases.

With a diverse line of polyethylene foam offerings and our HyPUR-cel family of engineered polyurethane foams, Rubberlite provides lightweight, durable packaging materials that absorb shock, dampen vibration, resist deformation under static loads, and exhibit excellent recovery characteristics.

From soft to semi-rigid, each of our foams are easy to fabricate with multiple densities and thicknesses to choose from. An assortment of colors for aesthetics combined with our value-added converting, lamination and coating technologies afford our customers with high performing materials for cushioning protection.

Applications: Hand tool trays, power tool bags, computer cases, camera and accessory inserts, equipment totes, weapon cases, 5S/Visual Factory storage and identification


Today’s medical soft goods and custom orthotics require materials that provide safety, function and exceptional comfort to aid in patient care and rehabilitation. From patient cushioning and padding to bracing and supports, Rubberlite provides a range of material solutions that are skin friendly, supportive and conforming to the body while providing patients with optimal cushioning and long-term dimensional stability – use-after-use. 

HyPUR-cel and Visco-cel engineered foams and technical composite configurations have proven to be an effective solution for orthopedic braces and supports, prosthetic devices, orthotic insoles, patient positioners and cushioning, device headgear straps, and other applications where flexible, contouring, antimicrobial protection is desired. 

Applications: Orthopedic braces and supports, prosthetic padding, orthotic insoles, patient positioners, wheelchair seating, head rests, operation and stretcher pads

Consumer Goods

Evolving consumer markets demand materials that are lighter, stronger, and more resilient than ever before. From footwear and sports equipment to outdoor gear and apparel, our products bring performance features and comfort that are durable and reliably consistent.

With multiple densities and levels of firmness, HyPUR-cel and Visco-cel engineered foams afford breathable comfort and cushioning to suit your individual needs. These low-profile materials are engineered to dissipate shock with repeated compression performance.

For design flexibility, our engineered foams are also laminated to a host of technical textiles or bonded with polymer coatings or films to add functionality and visual appeal.  At Rubberlite, we integrate our materials and technologies to create unique technical composites that conform and protect for innovative product designs. 

Applications: Molded/die cut insoles, sock liners, intimate apparel, compression shorts, eyeglass straps, back pack straps and padding, protective helmet liners, mattress toppers, equestrian and saddle pads