Polyurethane Foams

Rubberlite has been an innovator of engineered polyurethane foams since 1997. The technology has evolved to include a portfolio of products to service a broad range of markets and applications. With the trade name HyPUR-cel®, the portfolio consists of five distinct families of microcellular polyurethane flexible foam. An essential component of the Technology centers on novel and effective nucleation free of external blowing agents and solvents. The resulting open-cellular polyurethanes are robust breathable foams with a multitude of performance characteristics. HyPUR-cel® Technology facilitates cost-effective customization for performance and product distinction. This includes options such as anti-microbial additives for footwear and medical, flame retardants for automotive and industrial, firmness modifications, and color development.

Offered in the broadest combinations of density and thickness, HyPUR-cel® is custom skived through Rubberlite’s state of the art converting equipment.  Higher densities are not required with a diminishing thickness which affords substantial savings opportunities when compared to other polyurethane foam technologies.


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