Originally designed to operate as a custom converter and one-stop-shop for cellular rubber and plastics, Rubberlite was founded in 1986 by Allen Mayo.

By bridging the gap between manufacturers and fabricators of closed cell sponge rubber and plastic products, Rubberlite’s product line has grown to include many innovative products and processes such as functional polymer coatings and foam, fabric and film laminations. Additionally, Rubberlite began producing HyPUR-cel®, a custom-engineered polyurethane foam, in 1997. In 2004 the company complemented the already strong HyPUR-cel® family of foams with V-Series, high-quality polyurethane foam designed to exceed our customer’s expectations and performance standards.

New applications, unique formulations and custom conversions, Rubberlite has a long history of producing excellence.

Products converted by Rubberlite include neoprene, neoprene blends, EPDM, nitrile, ECH, Ensolite® PVC/Nitrile, cross-linked polyethylene, EVA, open-cell sponge, high-density polyurethane and pressure-sensitive adhesive.

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Occupying 300,000 square feet of manufacturing, converting and warehouse space, Rubberlite completed an expansion in 2012. Our recent focus has been to provide customer-specific/applications by expanding our HyPUR-cel® product line and further development of value-added operations like coatings, technical composites, and laminations.

As your needs grow, so does our commitment.